This one belief can ruin your career…

To be considered a developer you need to get a Computer Science degree, don’t you?

Have you ever heard this sentence?

I used to think it was true. I thought that I can’t be a programmer without finish tech university.

I was actually going to a volleyball camp when I had my life-changing thoughts. I was a volleyball player and coach for teenagers. I still remember that I didn’t want a ‘regular’ job because of my sport passion. Camps, practices and tournaments were very engaging and I didn’t have time for 8 hours regular work. I didn’t want to give up my sport passion too.

My first idea? I can be a programmer because they can work from any place in the world and can have irregular working hours. Perfect! But can a girl like me can be a programmer at all? I’m not have a Computer Science degree, actually I have one degree but from the Physical Education Academy. It has nothing to do with coding!

Despite this I started to browse job offers for programmers – especially front end developers and I noticed an interesting fact. In most of them higher education was not a requirement! What? How it’s possible?

It was a gamechanger for me then.

I started self-study in front end development, I learned HTML, CSS, Javascript and all requirements that I saw in job offers. I learned between volleyball practices, at camps (when i got free time). I learned a lot of new things and that’s how my coding adventure started and it still lasts 7 years!

During my career I worked as a freelancer, I had my own small business, I worked as a full-time employee and I taught others how to code. I have tasted it all. To this day, no one has asked me for an education or college degree. My skills only matters.

It would not be possible if I believed the myth about science degree in coding.

I don’t tell you that Computer Science degree is something wrong. Not at all. It can be great way to learn coding. I want only tell you that if you don’t have an oportunity to study Computer Science you can still become a developer.

That’s why I created this website – because I believe that you can live the life you want. Just like me!

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And remember: coding is in your blood!

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